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I’m finally done with AP exams!

I know this is totally off-topic, but I really wanted to write about AP exams, after having gone through one.

This was my first year in taking an AP course, and I took AP World History. I took the exam two days ago, and thankfully, it was way easier than I’d thought it’d be, but the stress PRIOR to the exam was tremendous. All I could think was, “what if I don’t even get a 3? What if I get a 1 or a 2?” For those of you taking AP’s for the first time, I’d like to give you some tips.

1. Personally, iI think Princeton Review is the best one for APWH preparation. Although Barrons has chapter quizzes that PR doesn’t, Barrons is disorganized, and it only confuses you. Princeton Review APWH also has sections like “Compare this” or “Changes and Continuities,” which not only help you remember things, but they also help for essay preparation.

2. Go through all the files that your AP teacher gives you. Mostly, they’re all big-picture stuff, and they’re extremely helpful when reviewing. It’s a big pain to go through and read everything, but believe me, it helps.

3. When reading your prep book, annotate. Personally, reading doesn’t help me memorize. If I write important points, timelines, or main concepts beside each paragraph, and use multiple pens, I can remember that stuff a lot easier later on. And it also helps when you’re doing some last minute review the day before the exam. You can’t read the prep book all over again, but you can see what you wrote on the side.

4. Try writing main points of each unit without looking at anything; it helps you pull stuff together.

5. Drink a lot of water, eat bananas, and get a good night’s sleep. Staying up all night studying for an AP exam will not help you get a 5.

6. Relax. You’ve learned the course at school throughout the year, and there is no way you’ll get under a 3, unless you failed the AP course. After all, this is only one test. If you totally bomb it, there are other chances. This test alone will not determine what college you go to.


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