Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Kathleen Ruston)

I decided to write a post on her because I think she’s one of the most gorgeous Hollywood stars of all time. I only saw one of her movies, Roman Holiday, but I really like her. I think she’s really classy and elegant, unlike some other cheap, whore-looking, shallow stars.










Audrey Hepburn was born in 1929 May 4th in Belgium and suffered because of depression and malnutrition during World War II. She became a model and later played a few small roles movies. She first became famous through Roman Holiday (1953), winning an Oscar as Best Actress. She gained popularity for being a classy, stylish star. She reached the top of her career through Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). She became an ambassador to the UNICEF fund for helping children in Latin America and Africa in 1988 and and dedicated herself until 1933, when she died of appendicular cancer. She was named 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by the People magazine.













“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”



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Korean Movie – Cyrano; Dating Agency (2010)

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Cast: Um Tae Oong, Lee Min Jung, Choi Daniel, Park Shin Hae

Plot: Cyrano Agency is a secret agency which helps people who are not experienced in dating get the man/woman they love. It aims for 100% success, and it works like a movie production company with the highest technology such as mini-microphones, scripts, secret plans, etc, etc. The Cyrano Agency crew often follows their clients to their dates and works at the back to make sure everything works out perfectly, even making rain if they have to.

One day a man named Sang Yong (Choi Daniel) visits their office and asks them to help him a woman named Hee Joong (Lee Min Jung) love him back. Sang Yong is wealthy, intelligent, and famous for being a young, successful financial trader, but he is inexperienced and a little bit slow when it comes to women and dating. Things start to get complicated because Hee Joong is Byung Hoon (Um Tae Oong)–who is the leader of the Agency–‘s ex girlfriend, and Byung Hoon never got completely over Hee Joong. One of the agents Min Young (Park Shin Hae) notices it and tells Byung Hoon to get professional, but he can’t quite let go of the past.

This is the trailer.

I couldn’t find one with English subtitles :(


This  movie was a big hit in Korea when it came out. All the actors and actresses did a good job, and I liked the plot of the movie as well. The ending was pretty strong too, compared to most Korean movies that have endings that leave you thinking, “…so what?” It reminded me a lot of the movie Mr. Hitch ( because both movies are about a secret agency or agent helping inexperienced people get the love of their lives.

Recently, a Korean comedy show actually tried being a “dating agency.” They recruited a few people, and tried to help them by telling them what to say through mini microphones, watching them through mini cameras, and giving them a complete make over, just like the Cyrano Dating Agency. They showed 2 cases on TV, and unfortunately, both cases failed. No matter how systematic their plans were, there were always flaws, and it’s pretty hard to change someone’s mind so that they fall in love with a certain person. I guess it’s only in movies that this exists, but I still think it would be cool if we actually had these secret agencies. What do you think?

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Korean Movie: Psychic (2010)

Genre: SF, Thriller, Action

Cast: Kang Dong Won, Go-Su, Jung Eun-Chae

Plot: Choin (Kang Dong Won) is a psychic who can control anything with his eyes. He can control a mass of people at the same time and even freeze time. When Choin goes into a pawnshop and freezes time while to steal some money, he sees one person that’s still moving–Kyu Nam (Go-Su), an employee at the shop. Choin panics, kills Kyu Nam’s empolyer, and runs away. Kyu Nam is unable to chase Choin because he is in too much of a shock of Choin’s psychic power. From that day, Kyu Nam begins to pursue Choin, who’s ruined his peaceful life, while Choin seeks to kill Kyu Nam because he is the only one in the world who Choin can’t control and also the only one who knows his existence.


I’d first like to say that I’m a very very big fan of Kang Dong Won. He’s my favorite non-Hollywood actor, and every Korean girl’s dream. I was really excited for this movie to come out because it was the first time for him to be in a movie as an antagonist. I had waited for this movie, which was released in November, since September and I watched it as soon as it came out. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Although Kang Dong Won looks hot and Go-Su is a good actor, the movie itself isn’t that great. I only enjoyed it because of Kang Dong Won. Some people might disagree, but I think that the plot line and the ending were a bit weak. If they had a different ending, the movie might have been better. Personally, I think that people who don’t like Kang Dong Won as much as I do wouldn’t like this movie very much.

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Mr. Hitch: The Cure for the Common Man

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Cast: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James, Amber Valetta, Julie Ann Emery, Adam Arkin, etc, etc.

Plot: Alex Hitchens (Will Smith), or Mr. Hitch, is a love doctor who helps men get women of their dream. He gives them tips, tells them how to behave, and makes sure that their dates go well. His current client is Albert Brennaman, who is a financial consultant of Allegra Cole, and who is also in love with her. Everything goes well until Hitch starts to go for Sara Melas (Eva Mendes), a work-a-holic gossip columnist who is supposed to do an article about Albert and Allegra. Unfortunately, Sara mistakes that Hitch’s job is helping men take advantage of women, so she writes about him, ruining his reputation, and the relationship between Albert and Allegra.

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New Theme?

Okay, so I decided to change the theme of my blog. Actually, I didn’t really have a theme before. I first started this blog for my grade 9 English class, and it was supposed to be about food, which is why I named it epula (a Latin word for food). Later though, it started to be about random things. I started to have a lot of categories that had nothing to do with food. I wrote about restaurants, cafes, places, traveling, poems, books, music, dance, and some interesting sites I found on Internet. I really enjoyed blogging about whatever I felt like blogging, but it’s time for a change. My English teacher wants us to have a certain theme for our blog. From now on, it won’t be just about random stuff. It’ll be about movies, actors, photography and some of my other interests! I’m planing to focus more on movies reviews, though. I’ll be back with a new post, a new layout, and a new heading!

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Apps for New Year’s Resolution

It’s 2011! It seems like yesterday that I wrote my 2010 new year’s resolutions and never looked at them. My new year’s resolution list this year looks like this:

1. Learn to manage my time.

2. Get good grades.

3. Stay fit.

4. Get organized.

5. Get more sleep on school days.

6. Save money.

I’m pretty sure most people’s list looks somewhat similar to mine. Last year, I never even looked at my list again. I think I might have thrown it away, actually. I wondered if anyone actually accomplishes everything on their resolutions list. It’s easy to write what you want to accomplish, but it’s so hard to actually put them in action. So I was surfing through the Internet, wondering if there’s some way to solve this problem, and this is what I found: . You should check it out! I don’t know if the applications will be useful, though. I guess it will be better than nothing. I just thought these were really cool because losing weight, staying fit, staying green, and saving money are the top priorities of people’s new year’s resolutions.

What do you think? Will these iPhone applications help you accomplish your resolutions?















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Strawberry Season Waffle

Strawberry Season Waffle is back! It’s one of my favorite deserts of all time. I even used its picture as my blog header. I went to Beans Bins a few weeks ago just to eat this waffle. I did a post on Beans Bins Café and this Strawberry Waffle last year, but I decided to post one again. I had to wait one year before I could eat this again because they only have this during winter.

They had a bunch of Christmas decorations when I went there.





























By the way, sorry for the sucky quality. All the pictures were taken with my ipod.

Although the waffle was kind of disappointing this time, Strawberry Waffle is my favorite desert. Beans Bins has the best waffles, and I recommend it if you suddenly crave for a nice cup of coffee with waffles.


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