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Response to an Opinion Article


What would you choose: a long summer break, or breaks and longer weekends throughout your school year?

It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience to go to school in July; however, I think breaks during the year are necessary. As a rising junior, life is tough. I have to play sports, maintain my GPA, and study for standard tests (AP, SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL, etc). This makes me not only stressed to the point of wanting to give up, but also sleep-deprived. I don’t remember sleeping before 12pm on a school night since…ever. Since my school counts American holidays AND Korean holidays, I do get a lot of breaks–thankfully. I found those holidays during the year really helpful because sometimes the weekend isn’t enough time to finish everything. I could catch up on sleep, assignments, and even study for upcoming tests. Some say long summer breaks help students catch up, but honestly, it’s difficult to cover year-long content in about 8 weeks. It’s better to review stuff learned right away during short breaks, so that no one will ever be far left behind. Believe me: I do love summer, but I would love to catch up on some sleep throughout the year.










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I’m finally done with AP exams!

I know this is totally off-topic, but I really wanted to write about AP exams, after having gone through one.

This was my first year in taking an AP course, and I took AP World History. I took the exam two days ago, and thankfully, it was way easier than I’d thought it’d be, but the stress PRIOR to the exam was tremendous. All I could think was, “what if I don’t even get a 3? What if I get a 1 or a 2?” For those of you taking AP’s for the first time, I’d like to give you some tips.

1. Personally, iI think Princeton Review is the best one for APWH preparation. Although Barrons has chapter quizzes that PR doesn’t, Barrons is disorganized, and it only confuses you. Princeton Review APWH also has sections like “Compare this” or “Changes and Continuities,” which not only help you remember things, but they also help for essay preparation.

2. Go through all the files that your AP teacher gives you. Mostly, they’re all big-picture stuff, and they’re extremely helpful when reviewing. It’s a big pain to go through and read everything, but believe me, it helps.

3. When reading your prep book, annotate. Personally, reading doesn’t help me memorize. If I write important points, timelines, or main concepts beside each paragraph, and use multiple pens, I can remember that stuff a lot easier later on. And it also helps when you’re doing some last minute review the day before the exam. You can’t read the prep book all over again, but you can see what you wrote on the side.

4. Try writing main points of each unit without looking at anything; it helps you pull stuff together.

5. Drink a lot of water, eat bananas, and get a good night’s sleep. Staying up all night studying for an AP exam will not help you get a 5.

6. Relax. You’ve learned the course at school throughout the year, and there is no way you’ll get under a 3, unless you failed the AP course. After all, this is only one test. If you totally bomb it, there are other chances. This test alone will not determine what college you go to.

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New Theme?

Okay, so I decided to change the theme of my blog. Actually, I didn’t really have a theme before. I first started this blog for my grade 9 English class, and it was supposed to be about food, which is why I named it epula (a Latin word for food). Later though, it started to be about random things. I started to have a lot of categories that had nothing to do with food. I wrote about restaurants, cafes, places, traveling, poems, books, music, dance, and some interesting sites I found on Internet. I really enjoyed blogging about whatever I felt like blogging, but it’s time for a change. My English teacher wants us to have a certain theme for our blog. From now on, it won’t be just about random stuff. It’ll be about movies, actors, photography and some of my other interests! I’m planing to focus more on movies reviews, though. I’ll be back with a new post, a new layout, and a new heading!

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Apps for New Year’s Resolution

It’s 2011! It seems like yesterday that I wrote my 2010 new year’s resolutions and never looked at them. My new year’s resolution list this year looks like this:

1. Learn to manage my time.

2. Get good grades.

3. Stay fit.

4. Get organized.

5. Get more sleep on school days.

6. Save money.

I’m pretty sure most people’s list looks somewhat similar to mine. Last year, I never even looked at my list again. I think I might have thrown it away, actually. I wondered if anyone actually accomplishes everything on their resolutions list. It’s easy to write what you want to accomplish, but it’s so hard to actually put them in action. So I was surfing through the Internet, wondering if there’s some way to solve this problem, and this is what I found: . You should check it out! I don’t know if the applications will be useful, though. I guess it will be better than nothing. I just thought these were really cool because losing weight, staying fit, staying green, and saving money are the top priorities of people’s new year’s resolutions.

What do you think? Will these iPhone applications help you accomplish your resolutions?















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Strawberry Season Waffle

Strawberry Season Waffle is back! It’s one of my favorite deserts of all time. I even used its picture as my blog header. I went to Beans Bins a few weeks ago just to eat this waffle. I did a post on Beans Bins Café and this Strawberry Waffle last year, but I decided to post one again. I had to wait one year before I could eat this again because they only have this during winter.

They had a bunch of Christmas decorations when I went there.





























By the way, sorry for the sucky quality. All the pictures were taken with my ipod.

Although the waffle was kind of disappointing this time, Strawberry Waffle is my favorite desert. Beans Bins has the best waffles, and I recommend it if you suddenly crave for a nice cup of coffee with waffles.


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Edible Dresses…?

So I know this is really random, and it has nothing to do with food, or places, but it suddenly popped up in my head.

Last class, my PE teacher put up a link, and she told us to visit the site.

I followed the link, thinking that it was some random site about fitness, but it turned out it was a bunch of pictures of edible dresses.

Check it out!

What do you think? Much better than Lady Gaga’s meat dress?

Personally, I really liked the Bubble Gum Dress. I think that the color and texture are stunning, and it doesn’t look like food at all. It looks like a dress on a runaway.

These dresses were all designed by a South Korean artist Sung Yeonju, who started making edible clothes two years ago. Amazing, right?


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