Response to an Opinion Article


What would you choose: a long summer break, or breaks and longer weekends throughout your school year?

It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience to go to school in July; however, I think breaks during the year are necessary. As a rising junior, life is tough. I have to play sports, maintain my GPA, and study for standard tests (AP, SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL, etc). This makes me not only stressed to the point of wanting to give up, but also sleep-deprived. I don’t remember sleeping before 12pm on a school night since…ever. Since my school counts American holidays AND Korean holidays, I do get a lot of breaks–thankfully. I found those holidays during the year really helpful because sometimes the weekend isn’t enough time to finish everything. I could catch up on sleep, assignments, and even study for upcoming tests. Some say long summer breaks help students catch up, but honestly, it’s difficult to cover year-long content in about 8 weeks. It’s better to review stuff learned right away during short breaks, so that no one will ever be far left behind. Believe me: I do love summer, but I would love to catch up on some sleep throughout the year.










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